Sea-Monkeys Banana Treat

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Sea-Monkeys Banana Treat


While it's true that "monkeys" like bananas, Sea-Monkeys are no exception.


So here's a TREAT for your favourite pets and a wonderful way to REWARD themfor the FUN they give you!


A long-lasting supply of tasty "dessert" for your aquatic pets that rovides health-giving vitamins, minerals and LOVE!




Once a week add a scoop of Banana Treat to the Sea Monkeys Aquarium.

Use the small scoop on the calibrated feeding spoon which is shown below. (Available to order from the link below, not included with any supplements)

Banana Treat is loaded with yummy vitamin B1, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin and is high in protein and minerals.




If the water becomes cloudy you are feeding too much.

Do not feed until the water clears again.


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