Sea-Monkeys Aqua Leash

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Here is a MUCH-NEEDED tool to SAFELY handle Sea-Monkeys!


Over 8 1/2" long, it's a Sea-Monkey "pick-it-upper" that works by suction and cannot injure even the biggest Sea-Monkeys that you can grow.


BEST OF ALL, when not used to catch a little rascal to move him to another tank or for other reasons, it DOUBLES as a "vacuum cleaner" to suction up the "yuck" that settles on the bottom.


Easy to operate, and SO USEFUL, you'll thank the day you got it.


What is an Aqua Leash?


An Aqua Leash is a suction-type transfer tube used to safely transport Sea-Monkeys from one tank to another. It can also be used to clean your tank.


How do I use the Aqua Leash?


Depress the top, put the other end into your tank to gently remove Sea-Monkeys (or anything else) and slowly release the top.




Can I use the Aqua Leash to aerate the tank?


Yes (although nothing works better than the Million Bubble Air Pump). Place the open end into the tank, depress the top (to push in oxygen), lift back out of the tank and release the top. Do this several times for proper aeration.


How should I clean my Aqua Leash?


It's a good idea to clean your Aqua Leash to prevent any foreign bacteria from entering your tank. Use a very STRONG salt solutution, rinse extremely well and let it air dry completely before next use.



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