Aqua Dragons Refill Set - Eggs &Food

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This is the basic eggs, food, feeding spoon, pipette and instructions kit. If you have a 400ml tank already, or you want to hatch a new set of Aqua Dragons this product is for you.

Aqua Dragons are Live acuatic creatures which you will hatch and bring to life in the underwater world tank. Aqua Dragons are three eyed, long tailed gracious funny little swimming animals from the crustacea family, thats eggs can be preserved in salt for long periods of time and hatched again one introduced into water! Caring for your Aqua Dragons you will see them eat, play, grow and learn about the differences between males and females and even how they reproduce.

This kit includes all you ned to get started (except the 400ml tank. You can use any fishbowl or tank, with 400ml of water only in it to hatch and grow the Aqua Dragons)


Aqua Dragons Eggs
Aqua Drafons Food
Feeding Spoon
Instructions in spanish, french and english

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